Libido Lovers adult toy shop

I have been with my wife for over 20 years. During this time, we have experimented with a variety of adult toys to help spice up the sexual side of our relationship. However, adult sex toys can get expensive, and you don’t always get the quality your expecting. Hence, we decided to launch a sex toy shop selling quality products at the lowest price we can, helping people explore their sexual desires.

When we first got together, we didn’t have the convenience of ordering sex toys online like we do these days. Instead, we had to take a trip to a local sex shop to purchase our erotic toys.
I don’t know if you have ever visited a physical sex shop before, it can be a daunting place, making some people feel uncomfortable.
With online sex shops popping up everywhere, it’s much easier to explore the items that catch your eye, before you make the purchase.

Sex toy stock at Libido Lovers

Libido Lovers have over 4,000 items available, and we plan to keep expanding our adult catalogue with the promise to keep our prices as low as possible. We are not looking to make millions of pounds in profit each year, or be the number 1 adult toy shop on the internet. Our goal is to provide our customer base with a cost-effective, safe, secure and discreet way of ordering adult toys to help explore there own sexual desires.

With adult products ranging from fun adult games, sensual oils and novelty gifts to Rabbit vibrators, Fleshlights, bondage kits and BDSM equipment, Libido Lovers has something for every sexual desire.

What is your sex toy budget?

Here at Libido Lovers, we understand people have different budgets when it comes to purchasing sex toys and equipment. With this in mind, we have a selection of adult toys for every budget. For example, search Libido Lovers for restraints within the Bondage category. You can find our premium leather cuff and neck set. For the mid-range, we have quality companies like Rouge Garments with there black leather neck to wrist restraints, or maybe you prefer the sexy red crocodile pattern restraints. For those who are unsure and don’t like to spend too much on sex toys, we have neck and arm restraints for less than £15.

Adult toys that work well together

Do you like your sex toys to all look like they are from the same set? Well, why not buy them like that. At Libido Lovers with have lots of different adult toys that go well together. Maybe you’re looking for a sexy red leather set to help spice up your Bondage nights. As mentioned earlier, Rogue Garments have some fantastic mid-range products. There red leather croc print selection is high quality and does look and feel the part.

We have tried to cater for everyone, but if there is something, in particular, you would like but still, can’t find it on our site please feel free to contact us. We can check if we do have the item or are expecting it in.

are you ready to explore your sexual desires?

If your experimenting with sex and you are not sure what to try then let us know. We can talk you through it and help you make an informed decision, rather than just purchasing a sex toy that looks good but ends up sitting in the bottom of your wardrobe for the next five years. We are here to help you, help yourself.

Who built Libido Lovers website?

We used a company called HD Pixel Design and we have tried to make the site as simple to use as possible with extensive menu choices, best sellers and categorised a lot of the popular products including branded sex toys.

If you do come across any problems or would like to see some additions added to the site, then please don’t hesitate to contact us because our shop is your shop.

Is Libido Lovers safe to shop on?

Security has been a significant consideration when launching Libido Lovers, and we have taken it very seriously. Our SSL is provided by DigiCert Inc, ensuring your connection is safe when shopping on our online store. DigiCert provides TLS/SSL certificates across the globe. 80% of the Global 2000 and 97% of the world’s largest banks have certificates issued by DigiCert.

Safe and secure payment system

For our secure checkout, we use Nochex, who is one of the UK’s leading payment gateways. When you checkout, you won’t be redirected to another site like some companies. The products and payments processed will all be done on the Libido Lovers site.

We are here to help you, help yourself

From start to finish we will look after you and make sure you’re happy with the process, and it all goes as smoothly as possible. During the process, you will receive regular updates on your order, so you are never left wondering.

We have tried to make it as convenient as possible to contact us at Libido Lovers. From our website, you can use Facebook messenger or WhatsApp to speak to us directly about any queries you may have. We also have a traditional contact form for those who prefer email.

We are here to help you, help yourself. So if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.